Recipe by Danilo

Sunday 6th November, 2016

Head Chef at the Italian Embassy in London and Masterchef finalist 2015, Danilo Cortellini is making Crosta & Mollica Pandoro the star of your Christmas celebration.

Introducing the new range of breads

Sunday 25th September, 2016

On the rise – Crosta & Mollica brings a taste of Italy to the table with new range of breads.

Crosta & Mollica today announces the addition of two new breads to its popular range of authentic Italian breads and savoury biscuits. Alongside the already popular Farina Pugliese, Crosta & Mollica adds Farina Wholemeal and Farina Seeded varieties, offering British consumers a chance to enjoy tasty, premium Italian bread on a daily basis.

Enjoyed by the likes of Symmetry Breakfast’s Michael Zee, Crosta & Mollica’s range of traditional Italian breads make the perfect foundation of a hearty Italian breakfast. Made with high quality Farina flour, each loaf has a thick crust and rich crumb, making them perfect for a light bruschetta, an ideal base for an Italian brunch or delicious simply toasted and topped with good quality butter.

A traditional Southern Italian bread, Farina Pugliese has a chewy texture and rich golden appearance. Toasted and topped with tomatoes and garlic it produces the ultimate Italian bruschetta, and is best enjoyed al fresco with friends. Farina Wholemeal offers consumers a high fibre choice, and is a popular breakfast bread in Italy, especially when paired with a sweet peach jam or marmalade. An ideal accompaniment to a salad or light dinner, or topped with smashed avocado and Italian olive oil for brunch, Crosta & Mollica’s Farina Seeded loaf is packed with tasty seeds, adding an extra crunch when toasted.

Available from £1.99

Crosta & Mollica founder James Orr comments: “With these new additions to our range we’re pleased to bring a real mix of traditional Italian breads to the UK dining table. Farina flour produces delicious, rich breads that pair brilliantly with salads, cheese or even just butter, and these three loaves offer a great taste of everyday luxury.”
Translated from the Italian for ‘crust & crumb,’ Crosta & Mollica was founded with a desire to supply consumers with great quality Italian produce they could eat at home. Sourced from selected Italian producers, the Crosta & Mollica range has grown from savoury biscuits to include a wide range of breads, pizzas, seasonal cakes, sweet biscuits and conserves. For the full range of Crosta & Mollica products and stockists, go to

About Crosta & Mollica

Monday 30th November, 2015

Our journey began when our founder James was in Italy, working with farmers to source the best fresh produce for supermarkets back home. The farming families would often serve up delicious local specialities to the farm workers and guests at lunchtime. Meals were eaten all together and were a time to share good food and company.

The wonderful breads became a mealtime favourite for James and soon he was seeking out local mills and bakeries so that he could bring their delicious produce back to the UK.

Translated from the Italian for ‘crust & crumb,’ Crosta & Mollica was founded with a desire to make great Italian food that brings friends and family all together. Years later, we are still dedicated to helping you discover the finest bakery products and regional specialities that Italy has to offer.

A long journey

Thursday 26th November, 2015

The Crosta & Mollica journey began when our founder and MD, James, was a graduate agricultural technologist working with a company that imported Italian fruit. He drove through Italy’s beautiful countryside, stopping off to visit farmers and their families who grew and cooked the most delicious food. He fell in love with all things Italian and in particular the huge variety of regional breads he discovered on his travels.

Introducing Our Street Pizzas

Thursday 26th November, 2015

Pizza is the original Italian street food. It originated in Naples, where dough from bakeries was topped with tomato, folded and eaten on the go. We used our classic pizza base to develop our quick and easy street pizza, which is hand-folded and cooked in a scorching hot, wood-fired oven.

We’ve got three delicious flavours for you to try:

Americana – Topped with delicious Milano salami, tomato and creamy mozzarella.
Tonno Rosso – Topped with line caught tuna, pine nuts and rich tomato passata.
Margherita – Topped with tomato and mozzarella, is a true classic.

New stockists

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Thursday 26th November, 2015

Fig Gelato

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Fig Ice Cream