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Amaretto Tiramisù

Amaretto Tiramisù

Mascarpone, Almond & Amaretto

Translating to "pick-me-up" in Inglese, Tiramisù, is an iconic Italian dessert. Here, we’ve put our own twist on the well-loved classic, crafted from layers of Amaretto syrup drenched Savoiardi biscuits and creamy mascarpone. A bitter-sweet, indulgent treat to enjoy a the end of a meal.

Sweet Treats

Livening up the iconic Italian dessert.

Of all Italy's famous dishes, Tiramisù arguably best represents the country's joyful and generous approach to food; ours is no exception. Full flavoured but not too sweet, creamy, decadent and slightly nutty.


We layer traditional savoiardi biscuits soaked in Amaretto syrup with rich Mascarpone cream. Finally, a sprinkling of crushed Amaretti biscuits and Almonds brings a crunch to compliment the sweet, creamy centre.

For moments when only out-and out indulgence will do, perfect for all dinner parties.

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Amaretto syrup 34% (water, sugar, amaretto liqueur), savoiardi biscuits 16% (wheat flour, sugar, eggs, raising agents : sodium bicarbonate and ammonium carbonate), skimmed milk, amaretti biscuits 9.2% (sugar, apricot kernels 20%, egg white, raising agents : sodium carbonate and ammonium carbonate, natural almond flavour), vegetable fats (coconut oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil), mascarpone 5.9% (milk), cane sugar, water, fresh cream 4.4%, free range egg yolk, almonds 1.1%, glucose syrup, maize starch, natural stabilisers : fruit pectin and sodium alginate, emulsifiers : soy lecithin and mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids, carob seed flour, milk protein, salt, vanilla extract.

Allergens contained: gluten, milk, nuts, egg, soya. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Made in Italy

Nutritional Information

Typical valuesPer 100g
Of which saturates:7.5g
Of which sugars:27.0g