Piadina filled with Salami, Ricotta and Rocket on a table.

Salami, Ricotta and Rocket Emiliana Piadina


Filled and folded Piadina are Emilia-Romagna’s answer to a lunchtime sandwich, salami, ricotta, and rocket is a traditional filling that you will Italians enjoying at lunchtime throughout the region. Assembled in only 15 minutes this is an easy lunch that can be sliced and served to the whole family.

Cook time:
10 mins
Prep time:
15 mins

Emiliana Piadina

The slightly fluffier Emiliana Piadina is perfect for a hot Piadina, the thicker texture means it begins to lightly brown on the outside without burning. A pinch of chilli flakes adds some heat to the creamy ricotta and can be adjusted to suit everyone’s taste. We used a classic Napoli salami, but it would be equally delicious with a rich bresaola or a few slices of Parma Ham. 

Salami, ricotta and rocket poke out of a folded Piadina.
Two plates of Piadina filled with Salami, Ricotta and Rocket on a table next to a glass of red drink.


  • Step 1

    Stir a pinch of salt and pepper into the ricotta, add chilli flakes until desired heat is reached.

  • Step 2

    Warm a large frying pan over medium low heat. Once hot add an Emiliana Piadina to the pan and warm on one side for 1 minute. 

  • Step 3

    Flip the Piadina over and spread on the seasoned ricotta, add a handful or rocket and salami slices. Fold and press closed with spatula. Warm on each side for a further two minutes until heated throughout. Repeat with the remaining Piadina and serve warm.