Crosta & Mollica
Late afternoon sun in the Italian countryside | Crosta & Mollica
Crosta & Mollica traditional Italian Cornetti at a breakfast table | Crosta & Mollica

The Story Begins

A journey through Italy, from crust to crumb.

Our story started in the Italian countryside where James, our founder, saw first-hand all the love and effort his Italian contacts put into crafting their food. Inspired by the people he met and the things they made, he created Crosta & Mollica. And the rest is delicious history...

Sun streaming through olive tree branches | Crosta & Mollica
A picnic of Crosta & Mollica Piadina | Crosta & Mollica

What We Believe

Italian food on the table, not a pedestal.

For 13 years and counting, we’ve travelled far and wide across Italy in search of homegrown ingredients and recipes that capture the country’s passionate, convivial spirit in all its delicious glory — because we believe that nothing brings people together like good food, shared.

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5 stars
Margherita Pizza by Moondog5 Verified Buyer

Absolutely perfect. I have never had a nicer pizza than this, made in Italy in a traditional style. It is simply fabulously tasty.

5 stars
Pistachio & Almond Tartufi by Viv88 Verified Buyer

Ohhhhh my this was incredible! Simply divine. The portion is very generous but I will not be sharing. I might try the Caffè latte one another time if I ever get bored of the almond one. Till then, this is my new fave.

5 stars
Fennel Seed Tarallini by almostitalian Verified Buyer

So good. Real Italian stuff made in Apulia. Crispy and made with natural ingredients only, just as the doctor ordered.