Aperitivo Snacks

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5 stars
Bolli by lucylu107 Verified Buyer

These are delicious. I love these - another fabulous product from Crosta & Mollica. Very addictive, can be eaten on their own or very good with some pate/phillidelphia. Highly recommend

5 stars
Rosemary Linguette by Alan D Verified Buyer

You have sone fantastic palma ham or some Castelmonte cheese what are you going to eat that with ? Look no further this is the only flat bread you will ever need . The Rosemary version is much better and with a glass of Barbaresco it saves a bomb on plane tickets to Turin. As you have the taste of Italy here......Crosta and Mollica are a fantastic innovative bakery.....

5 stars
Black Olive Grissini by BayswaterLady Verified Buyer

Best Bread Stick Ever. Delicious breadsticks that have that subtle extra of the olive oil and olives. It is impossible to stop eating them before noticing that the half packet is nearly gone. They always taste fresh, & have an attractive, artisanal shape.

5 stars
Parmesan & Poppy Seed Torinesi by Freshwater Verified Buyer

Very Very Nice Indeed. These thin breadsticks are wonderfully crunchy and have a real parmesan punch. Delicious!